CLIENT: University of Washington, Bothell    CATEGORY: Presentation and Workshop      TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, MS Word 

Making Sense of Sustainability Frameworks through the Life Cycle and Systems Lens: Is a presentation and workshop given at The University of Washington Bothell campus for the environmental studies program. The goal of the workshop was to make sustainability frameworks more applicable by highlighting how they can actually be applied through an understanding of Systems Thinking and a look at Life Cycles.  The workshop covered an overview of current sustainability frameworks with a focus on The Natural Step framework, Business Case Studies, an overview of Systems and Systems Thinking and a look at how that fits into looking at Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

The workshop wrapped up with a product Life Cycle exercise, each participant had the option to select either a disposable coffee cup and lid or a reusable water bottle. The participants were then asked to create a best guess Life Cycle for their chosen item, based on what they currently knew about the product.  There was a lively discussion and brainstorming session about what they discovered and improvements they envisioned after doing the Life Cycle on their products.