CLIENT: Self Directed Proposal    CATEGORY: Innovation      TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator

EV Charging Station Proposal: This is an excerpt of a self-driven proposal in response to the need for more charging stations locally and nationally. The goal of a charging station redesign is to support EV ownership and contribute to educating the public on the benefits of fossil fuel alternatives; which is a key strategy in achieving climate action goals. This proposal is designed for the Seattle metropolitan community, for the creation of an environmentally friendly charging station that compliments the urban street, is integrated into the neighborhood and relevant to the local culture. The EV charging station is multi-functional and adaptive in design and provides accessibility pay options for a more equity based experience for consumers. Re-designing the EV charging station experience to go beyond just a pump style station hidden in the back of a parking lot or parking garage is more engaging for EV owners and the surrounding community. This new approach provides extended benefits for the environment, the local economy and society.

Verification’s Implemented: LEED credits, C2C (Cradle to Cradle)/Circular Economy, Living Building Principles and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)