Chang3 guides new and existing enterprises toward a positive impact in the world by addressing the mission of an organization: how it creates value, how it serves customers, how it develops products, builds relationships and contributes to the common good.  Using the true potential for sustainability as a framework to design and develop solutions based on natural systems to meet our environmental, social and economic challenges.



CHANG3 places sustainability and a broad understanding of the issues at the heart of every design decision. The design solution may be a visual communication campaign, a policy initiative, a product, service system, or packaging design. Whatever the end result, conscious intent is put into each detail of a product or creative solution’s functionality, appearance, performance, user experience and environmental footprint.



CHANG3 guides business model development from a broader perspective building sustainability into the core of the value chain aligning an organization’s commercial, environmental and social goals, turning efforts into a long-range advantage. This approach can bring about a design for a new product or service that fills an unmet need, or a new process that conserves resources and habitats, encourages cultural diversity and is socially equitable.



CHANG3 views education as key to solving our sustainability challenges and is committed to communicating complex sustainability issues in a variety of ways, placing sustainability in context to engage and inspire. Helping individuals and organizations rethink ways of living, purchasing and consuming, education and exchange of information. Gaining an understanding of their role in making positive changes and how daily activities connect them to a global population and wider ecosystem.