Chang3 guides new and existing enterprises toward a positive impact in the world by addressing the mission of an organization: how it creates value, how it serves customers, how it develops products, builds relationships and contributes to the common good.  Using the true potential for sustainability as a framework to design and develop solutions based on natural systems to meet our environmental, social and economic challenges.



CHANG3 places sustainability and a broad understanding of the issues at the heart of every design decision. The design solution may be a visual communication campaign, a policy initiative, a product, service system, or packaging design. Whatever the end result, conscious intent is put into each detail of a product or creative solution’s functionality, appearance, performance, user experience and environmental footprint.



CHANG3 guides business model development from a broader perspective building sustainability into the core of the value chain aligning an organization’s commercial, environmental and social goals, turning efforts into a long-range advantage. This approach can bring about a design for a new product or service that fills an unmet need, or a new process that conserves resources and habitats, encourages cultural diversity and is socially equitable.



CHANG3 views education as key to solving our sustainability challenges and is committed to communicating complex sustainability issues in a variety of ways, placing sustainability in context to engage and inspire. Helping individuals and organizations rethink ways of living, purchasing and consuming, education and exchange of information. Gaining an understanding of their role in making positive changes and how daily activities connect them to a global population and wider ecosystem.


Sustainability is becoming more widely discussed and yet is still misunderstood and often used interchangeably with “Green”. Sustainability and “Green” are not the same; Green doesn’t always mean sustainable, and what is “Green” isn’t necessarily good for all.

Sustainability takes a far deeper approach than just addressing environmental impacts. It ensures that all of us are able to grow and thrive in all aspects of our lives, allowing all our resources to endure for years to come.

Sustainable Design is an emerging methodology that uses systems thinking aligned with natural systems as a foundation. It is designing appropriate solutions using careful analysis and conscious intent with a clear understanding of the issues before attempting to solve the problem.

Sustainable design moves solutions away from the limitations of doing less bad and instead towards doing more good, looking at an entire system’s connections and relationships, not just individual parts.

This can lead to new enterprises, products and services; new collaborations and new ways of delivering value that support economic growth but not at the expense of our natural and social resources.

Sustainable Designers will draw from insights and information gained by looking at the entire Life Cycle of activities needed for our goods and services – from extraction of materials, to manufacture, use phase and finally end of life – revealing opportunities to intervene, make wiser choices and develop innovative solutions that balance the needs of the environment, society and the economy.

It is about taking bold steps today to shape our path towards a safe and sustainable future.

Meet the Founder

Cheryl Jenrow is a passionate sustainability practitioner and sustainable design strategist.  She takes a systems thinking life-cycle based approach to sustainability which embodies the connections between the environment, the economy and society.   She thrives on taking the complexity out of sustainability goals, working creatively and collaboratively with a focus on game changing outcomes. Rethinking products, packaging, services and the underlying systems all to create innovative projects that inspire, engage and facilitate social and environmental change.  Over her career she has worked with a variety of businesses and educational institutions providing visual communication solutions, innovative and forward thinking outcomes. Client engagements have included Boeing, PaineWebber, Proctor and Gamble, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Dilettante Chocolates, Seattle Happiness Alliance.  She was a finalist in the Biomimicry 3.8 Student Design Challenge 2013.

Cheryl also believes in the importance of sustainability education. She speaks, develops workshops and writes on a range of sustainability, design and innovation topics.  Speaking and workshop engagements include UW Bothell and a Biomimicry workshop developed for Seattle Public Schools/Salmon Bay School.  Cheryl earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising, Illustration and Graphic Design from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Arts in Sustainable Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


Cheryl Jenrow

Founder/Creative Director



From beginning to end, the process is fully collaborative, starting with an exploration of the issue and a discussion about sustainability and what that means for aligning environmental and social goals for each client. After identifying the issue, we will proceed to assessing related impacts using systems and life cycle thinking; mapping the environmental footprint and using this information to identify critical sustainability issues, business risks and strategic points to intervene for effective solutions that are regenerative socially and environmentally.

CHANG3 facilitates the action plan and provides a clear road-map for what needs to be done and when to do it; starting with elements of a solution that are easier to implement up front and will generate quicker benefits, and then addressing the next steps that need longer term planning.  Appropriate sustainability frameworks, carefully selected tools, techniques and indicators are employed and used as a guide.



There is a difference between a good design and designing for good. Designing for good is a unique opportunity to integrate visual communication, education and social responsibility. CHANG3 blends ecology and the real needs of society at the heart of every design decision, creating beautiful, functional solutions that do more good and respond to our sustainability challenges.

Visual communication-Illustration-Packaging-Product-Design



Sustainability marketing consists of a broader view of social and environmental problems and a deeper understanding of the social and ecological impacts of an organization and its products and services. CHANG3 develops sustainability marketing communication, branding strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns that emphasize an ethical approach for an organization; addressing transparency, authenticity, added value, and direct personal, environmental and collective social benefits that connect with the consumer and contribute positively toward their quality of life.



Awareness and education are essential, especially when it comes to sustainability and social change. To help equip individuals with the skills to solve our sustainability challenges. Chang3 facilitates lectures and workshops for business, primary and secondary schools, private organizations, government departments, charities, and social enterprises. A blend of specific content and tested case studies are used which draw on a mixture of design thinking, systems thinking, art and design principles and best sustainable business practices.

Workshops-Speaking Engagements-Professional Development



In order to help educate and connect individuals and organizations to our sustainability challenges on a local and global level; CHANG3 uses a visual narrative, information graphic approach to illustrate complex sustainability issues. This is an excellent way to engage a wider audience and make complex information easier to understand helping individuals and organizations understand their role in making a positive change. Visual storytelling is a tool to promote transparency allowing organizations an engaging way to communicate their social and environmental goals, values and progress to consumers.



To ensure that projects meet deadlines and intended sustainability goals, CHANG3 provides oversight so the process runs smoothly by making sure that appropriate sustainability assessments and scorecards are obtained and met, by obtaining vetted third party eco-label permissions and by managing risk associated with transparency, credibility and the FTC Greenwashing Guidelines. CHANG3 provides expert oversight and sourcing and ensures that tried and true sustainability principles, frameworks and tools are used throughout the entire life cycle of a project.


A collection of work covering a wide variety of projects that apply systems and life cycle perspectives to achieve a more sustainable outcome

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If not now, when will we design for a brighter tomorrow

It is really up to us to decide to make positive changes now, in how we design our products, our services and how we engage with society.  We need to be “all in” and commit 100% because we’re capable of changing everything if we choose.



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